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beurette chaude revebebe cougar site de rencontre gratuit 41, Le Tampon

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Bouches-du-rhône, not the logo design itself).
the logo displayed by this image was completely manually recreated by me (fr:utilisateur:verdy_p) based on a public domain us federal work. this new version remains in public domain like the original logo (and can then be reused in gfdl or gpl or creative commons works. 970). they coded outlets based on whether they were operational or permanently closed and whether they sold tobacco products.
all retail outlets not visited because of time and resource constraints or that were closed during the initial visits were reviewed by using google street view (https://www.google.com/maps/views/streetview?gl=us) in november 2013 with images dated between july 2011 and september 2012. outlets that were coded as closed during the initial visit and appeared closed in the google images were coded as permanently closed. all other outlets were coded as operating tobacco retail outlets unless no outlet could be identified. outlets were then geocoded with arcgis 10.1 (esri) using the address in the ptrd.
assessors provided store staff with an information card about the study translated into spanish, dans ces conditio


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